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Angel investor returns

Recently¬† (Sep 28,2010) I went to a presentation in Bellingham by Rob Wiltbank of Willamette University in Oregon. Wiltbank does research on angel investing and the returns enjoyed by angels. He looked at 1000 “exits” in North America – i.e. companies that gave a payback to their investors (however large or small, including zero return […]

The HST Debate: The Outcome

BC’ers voted against the HST last week (Aug 26, 2011) in favor of re-instating a double tax system. According to many press articles, it appears that those who voted to keep the HST were better educated, more prosperous, and self employed business people. Did the others not get the big picture? Or did they vote […]

Here’s Mike:

Michael Volker is an Entrepreneur active in the development of new high technology ventures. A University of Waterloo Engineering grad, Mike started his own company (Volker-Craig Ltd) in 1973. He sold this company in 1981 and then decided to work with entrepreneurs in building new companies. Most recently, he was the director of Simon Fraser […]

Impediments to Innovation

There’s a lot of talk and discussion about what we can do in Canada to stimulate more innovation and commercialization of research.

GreenAngel shows strong growth

Here’s some good news on GreenAngel Energy Corp and why it might be a good investment opportunity…

B.C. Investment Tax Credit Program

This is a brief overview of B.C. Government’s investment tax credit program.

Unsolicited Proposals and SBIR

In the U.S., government encourages innovation using the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR).  In Canada, we used to have something similar Рthe Unsolicited Proposal Program Рbut now the popular SRED tax credit has supplanted it.

Business Basics – Better Boards Build Better Businesses

Good corporate governance – having an active board of directors – is essential in building a good company. Assembling a capable board should be done sooner than later. Why?