An Innovative Strategy

The Globe and Mail reported today (Oct 13, 2010) that a blue-chip panel of experts (including me, so maybe it’s not entirely blue-chip) has come up with recommendations to turn Canada into a “nation of innovators”. (see story). The complete report is available on this website by clicking here.

Some of the recommendations elsewhere on this website have, happily, been included. These relate to investment incentives such as the popular 30% tax credit available t0 B.C. residents that invest in B.C. companies and allowing losses to be flowed through to tech investors (similar to what gave mining companies a boost). Even the idea of eliminating the punitive tax on unrealized stock option benefits was mentioned.

Sometimes, you just gotta speak up!

Footnote: In it’s October 18th edition, the Globe notes that Ottawa has already picked up on one of the report’s recommendations, the SRED tax credit program and has formed a committee to deal with it. But, nothing is expected for at least a year.

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